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The Market Bottom – Are We There Yet? Thumbnail

The Market Bottom – Are We There Yet?

A bear market was made official last Thursday when the S&P 500 quickly fell below the -20% drop threshold. In the weeks leading up to the bear market and the past couple of days, volatility has raged with many investors asking how much worse could it get and is this the market bottom?

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33 Reasons For Selling Thumbnail

33 Reasons For Selling

Managing your own portfolio can be a challenge especially in times of stock market stress like now. A broader context of market history during these volatile, stressor markets can be helpful.

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Building Blocks For Your Investment Success Thumbnail

Building Blocks For Your Investment Success

I generally believe that New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken and often evaporate as quickly as they are made. Given unrealistic goals and feeble results with resolutions, I am focusing on building blocks to be a better person and family member. I believe a building blocks approach can also be used for better investing habits.

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